Big Hess and his famous Huevos Rancheros

Every once and awhile I get the opportunity to blog about some other person’s great meal.  I never blog about restaurants because you are paying them for the service, compared to someone else who cooks for free straight from the heart.  This weekend we were visiting our friends in Sacramento.  Mike and Jan Hester have a home on the Sacramento river and the deal I cut was I would fly down if Big Hess (that is Mike, he is a wee bit taller than I so we call him that to make feel more manly) made his famous Huevos Rancheros.  He agreed and on Saturday morning when I woke up with a huge kink in my neck, Big Hess came thru with his promise.

Big Hess getting his tortillas off the hot grill

Once Big Hess gets his hot tortillas off the cast iron grill he lathers on a gallop of hot refried beans then adds an egg that has been cooked over easy and hands it off to his little helper.  Jan then takes the plates and adds a little grated cheese, diced tomatoes, avocado, then cilantro.  Then she puts some of her home-made salsa on the dish.

Jan is prepping the Huevos

When she is done, the plate is set aside for finishing touches and approval from Big Hess.  The awaiting plate should look like this.

Once Jan is done, it should look like this


Big Hess then takes a dollop of Sour Cream, a little once over with tapatio, then finishes it off with touch of cilantro for the finishing touch.

Big Hess famous Huevos Rancheros

This dish is a home run folks, absolutely Dee Lish!  This is what it takes to make my blog and Big Hess you made it.

This the Huevo Rancheros team on their deck outside their house in Sacramento.

The Hesters

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