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Welcome to the Hunting Chef.

I started this blog over six years ago in efforts to give my hunting/fishing clients an outlet to a blog that had my recipes, along with easy pictures that show them how to make it. It also gave me an avenue for them to access these recipes, instead of writing it down on a napkin or emailing it to their wives. My thought was that it would save me time in the long run once I completed the project. However, like most works in progress, they never end.

I do all of the guiding, and all of the cooking. One of my major complaints in life is bad food, therefore my expectations for myself has always been provide great food. Most of my hunters are not chefs, but do ask me a lot of “How do I?” questions with regards to taking wild game and making it edible.

My claim to fame, is taking an individual that hates wild game because they had a bad experience with grandpa, because he drove around in 80 degree heat with his buck strapped down on the hood of his car for three days. Then frying it up in a pan until it was over done and hard as a rubber tire and making the grand kids eat his harvest. There is ways to making it into a masterpiece that melts in your mouth as well as give you the satisfaction of working hard to literally putting meat on the table.

Guiding hunters is a major portion of my responsibility. Making sure they have a successful hunt is one thing, but also having a wonderful time is another. Sometimes having both is impossible due to climate, animals, shooting, injury, sand storms, and trophy hunting. That is why they call it hunting and not harvesting, but the client always goes home happy with food in his belly.

I have made wonderful friends thru guiding, and have enjoyed watching my girls grow up in the field, and my wife making roll cast on the rivers. I hope you enjoy the recipes and stories I post about my life because it has been a great ride and incredible journey. All the recipes that are posted have been tested several times before being what we call “blog worthy”. I really like feedback and questions so if you have any please let me know via the site.

– The Hunting Chef

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