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Hunting Coues Bucks in Sonora, Mexico

If you have never read Jack O’Conner, the father of the .270 Winchester, famed hunter, and one of the best outdoor writers of the 20th Century.  Then I highly suggest you buy a few of his books and read them.  I think every hunter should… Continue Reading “Hunting Coues Bucks in Sonora, Mexico”

The hunt of a life time….Big Horn Sheep in Oregon

I have been putting in for this once in a life tag for over 30 years.  My best friend and I always joked that if one of us drew it, the other was going to be his Sherpa.  When I checked on line I… Continue Reading “The hunt of a life time….Big Horn Sheep in Oregon”

Hunting Cape Buff’s in Tanzania Africa

It was finally happening, two years after we booked the Africa trip at the SCI convention we loaded our gear onto an aircraft for Tanzania.  We would have gone the year before but Dave had to have surgery on his knee so we had to… Continue Reading “Hunting Cape Buff’s in Tanzania Africa”

Dove Hunting in Cordoba, Argentina

When we first arrived in the Cordoba airport, the first thing I noticed is how hot it was.  It was like Africa hot.  Our outfitter picked us up in a truck that did not have air-conditioning and the three of us Reed, Dave and… Continue Reading “Dove Hunting in Cordoba, Argentina”

In Search of the Trophy Speed Goat

Oregon High Desert Rifle Hunt Elk-2011

I met an old-timer the other day over coffee at the cafe in Grass Valley, Oregon that told me that 15 years ago you never saw an elk in this country because it was loaded with deer.  Now, it seems as though the tables… Continue Reading “Oregon High Desert Rifle Hunt Elk-2011”

Antelope Hunting in Wyoming

I have put in for Antelope tags for 14 years in Oregon and still to this date have never been successful.  It has been on not only my bucket list, as well as my long time best friend Scott Brown as well.  Every year we kid… Continue Reading “Antelope Hunting in Wyoming”

Bow Hunting in Oregon’s high desert

The Father Grover and his son Scott

There are not too many people crazy enough to pursuit elk with a bow in the high desert of Oregon. Why do you ask is it crazy?  Well to put it simply there is nothing to hide behind, and what you do have for… Continue Reading “Bow Hunting in Oregon’s high desert”

High Desert Elk Hunting-Shaniko, Oregon

About 20 years ago there were no elk in Central Oregon, also considered high desert country.  They migrated off of Mt. Hood once they figured out looking from the mountain to the East that there were nice bushy green spots and clear water lakes. … Continue Reading “High Desert Elk Hunting-Shaniko, Oregon”

Hunting the American Bison

A couple of times I have hunted the respected big plains animal, The American Bison.  The main reason that I hunt them is because we enjoy eating the meat.  In my families opinion, it taste better and is better for you than beef.  It… Continue Reading “Hunting the American Bison”