3 Rednecks and the familes and a whole lot of eating…….

Once a year, two other couples and us get together for rafting, eating, and little bit of drinking.  This year we had to change the plan because of our kids, so we ventured over to Todd and Alice’s place by Billy Chinook Lake.  We knew it was going to be a food fest because all of us boys are quite talented in the outdoor cooking arena.  However, this weekend would challenge us all.   Todd was doing slow smoked pulled pork sandwiches, to Todd’s amazement the pork wasnt “pull able” until around 2:00 am that night.  We know this because Todd and I, the only ones still awake to try it.  So there we were like to rabid raccoons eating of the que in the dark.

Todd and Wayne (From right to left) Both are over 6'5" so they are good to have around for lifting things

The next morning, I was called up from the bull pen to bring out the Big Iron.  When I say Big Iron, I mean exactly that.  My good friend, Grover had this World War II griddle that he found at some antique store and every time we go camping he would bring it and his son and I would argue who was going to get it in the will.  Finally, Grover had enough and decided we could go have it recasted and poured and we would market them because you cannot find them anywhere.  When the product was completed we learned that the skillet was 60 lbs and cost us too much to ship it.  So I had the big boys make me a fire, and we were gonna make what I call the “Kitchen Sink”, because we throw everything into this except the kitchen sink.

The Kitchen Sink

Basically we have hash browns, onions, mushrooms, sausage, bacon, and pulled pork. We get this sizzling on some olive oil until a nice crust begins to form.

You cannot have a proper Kitchen Sink without Cheese. Adding some Gouda Cheese

You have to add the cheese just for the cholesterol factor.  This is where you let it get nice and crusty off the grill.  Once you got a nice crust formed you add the eggs.

Add the eggs. Look at the hungry on lookers...very concerned.

Then you finish them off by mixing them on the griddle until the eggs are no longer runny.

Kitchen Sink is served

Then you just get some paper plates throw down the spatula and let them serve it hot off the grill.

Happy Rednecks

That night, it is Wayne’s turn at dinner.  He tells me in a slow redneck draw “I am gonna cook brisket”.  My gut instantly sinks as I reply “Why?”  He retorts “Because I am gonna make you a believer son”.  This next meal gets its entirely own blog dedicated to itself.  Stay tuned folks.



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