Ladies and Gentlemen…I give you the AusPit BBQ

I purchased the Auspit BBQ about four months ago, but have delayed using it until my vacation which was last week.  What is an Auspit you ask?  Basically it is a pit roaster, that a company in Australia produces and it can take 40 lbs of meat and veggies and rottiserrie cook it over flame or coal. The batteries last they say 140 hours.  Check them out at, they have videos and photos.  This is my story however, so here we go.

This story begins with my wife, Stephanie having a 32nd birthday so for her birthday I decided to do a rottiserrie marinated tri-tip beef loin that happens to be her favorite.  She likes to make left over sammy’s with carmelized onions and mushrooms and an au jus sauce for left overs.

Hungry Birthday Wife, Stephanie Nanna
It is her birthday and she is beginning to get hungry

So I assemble my Auspit, which takes about 2 minutes and spear my meat and begin to the slow process.  Notice I use a charcoal trough, that is an add on but I like it because I can use it anywhere.

I can adjust the charcoal trough up and down if the flame gets to hot

This process is not a fast one by no means.  Its slow and easy and I would tell everyone that attempts this tactic to think about an hour for every 1-2 lbs of meat.

Birthday Girl is getting a little grumpy because she is a little hungry

I tell you what, there is not too many things that is better in this world to see than a Grass Valley, Oregon sunset….with meat in the picture.

This photo makes me want to cry

The next morning Steph and the baby had to go harvest with Austin.

Harvesting Wheat with Austin Justesen

The boys were out harvesting and working their butts off in the 88 degree heat and I was drinking beer feeling sorry for them.

There is Zach and Joe Dirt

This was Mady’s first ride in a combine.  Good thing it has air conditioning and clean air.

Mady is not too excited about this, but everyone works in the Nanna family

Here are the boys hard at work stopping for a water break.

Harvest Water Break that is Matt Dillon on right

That night, My beloved Boise State Broncos beat Georgia and I celebrated.

Broncos Win!!! I am gonna cook a chicken

That night I cooked a chicken, took a little longer so Steph and Mady went to the trailer to lay down and Steph never made it back to dinner that night.  This could be the all time best picture ever taken coming up folks.  I am going to give a thumbs up to the Auspit BBQ and shout out to invest in one of these BBQ.  They are fun and make you drink a lot more beer watching your meat go around in circles.  I leave you with this photo.

Possibly the best chicken, Dodge, Outback RV trailer pic ever

That is how you do it y’all.

Hunting Chef

2 Comments on “Ladies and Gentlemen…I give you the AusPit BBQ

  1. Yeah what is interesting is that their web site basically sucks with no good pictures. I emailed it to them to see what they thought and they never got back to me. Great product. Fun to use in the wilderness, always gets a lot of attention when people see it. I have a ton of cooking toys, have you ever used a La Cachina? Great for doing 100lb pigs in 3 hours.

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