A small girl and her five gallon bucket

While camping and clamming this week.  I got to watch my youngest daughter Mady, steal my clamming bucket.  I am thinking to myself while watching herself navigate down the small hill to the RV while carrying the stolen 5 gallon bucket “She has 500 dollars worth of Elmo toys in there and she is stealing my bucket to play with??”

Surprisingly for a 1.5 year old she manages to get down the small grade hill quickly.

She then realizes that I am in hot pursuit and decides that she is going to take it into the RV for safety.

First she has to climb the stairs with the bucket

Each step is dangerous but she takes no time.

Making progress

Then she needs to pull the bucket into the RV once she has made it safely inside.

She looks as though she is in the clear.

A minor setback

She has accomplished her goals and has summited with her bucket.

Then the mission starts over and over and over

We had one tired bucket baby on the way home from a great weekend.

One tired bucket champ

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