Camping with the Storlies

Every once in a while I get an opportunity to just blast a couple of my friends.  I know I have been hard on some people in my past blogs, and it was selfish of me to use them as an asset to find humor.  So I apologize to my friends and I want them to know that this is the “NEW” Shay, and that I will no longer be participating in humorous blogs in cheap fun to make all the rest of you followers laugh.  We are turning this all around folks, right here, right now.

So I decided that I was going dedicate this blog to my long time friend Trevor Storlie and rebuild his fragile confidence and tell you how it is to camp with the real Trevor, no funny low blows, no blowing things out of proportion to make the story funny.  This is straight up good journalism you are going to read here, no fabricating stories to make him look bad.

Here is my buddy Trevor. I got this one off his facebook which he said he was giving a fishing clinic for one of his sponsors he represents. I looked at the picture and I pointed out to Trevor that it appeared to me that we was doing the Heil Hitler at some Klan meeting.

So the Storlie’s and the Nanna’s decide to go camping again and to try a new place.  So we decided on Mt. St. Helen’s area because I had not been there since before it blew up.  So we found a campground next to the lake and we put our RV’s in and made the weekend of it.

We saw herds of elk and the what was left of the destruction

We spent the day driving and stopping at all the lookouts basically exploring the Mountain before we returned back to our campground at the lake with our pals.  The kids loved feeding the ducks.

At some point under the strict supervision of Trevor, the kids stopped feeding the ducks bread and started throwing rocks at them. I took a quick photo before I intervened.

This is where I found him, roughly 50 yards away supervising like a life guard at the pool.  Only difference being is the beer in his hand and hiking boots and of course the distance between his perch and the actual lake.

The Lake Lifeguard

After being chastised by his lovely wife for not parenting correctly he decided would take his youngest son fishing on the dock.  Trevor is an accomplished professional fishing guide.  Reds Guide Service, for those of you that would like to hire a fine fishing guide, he is definitely your guy.

Here is Ollie, fishing for some bass on the dock with dad.

The dock is relatively busy with boats and people enjoying the lake.  Everyone is out enjoying the sun.

Mady with her Steph dipping their legs in the lake.

We are all just enjoying the dock.

Father and son enjoying their time together. Trevor is passing on all his fishing knowledge. Please pay particular notice to his pole.

At some point, amongst all the commotion with the boats coming to the dock I look to my right in an attempt to see the mountain and think about all my fond memories of camping with my family when I was the kids age, and something catches my attention.  A stream of water….

This is Trevor’s “ARE YOU SERIOUS?” look. Please notice the pole in his hand and the arms holding his oldest son Askel from falling in.

I was a little speechless, but I managed to get the words out “People are swimming in this lake, off this dock”.  Before Trevor can reply, Askel goes streaking down the dock and is running the up the other side of the lake where people camp.

He did manage to keep one shoe on. I am not sure how he got his pants and underwear off and manage to keep the shoe on but he did.

Here is another shot of the little streaker at the campground.

Campground Streaker

At this point all hell breaks loose.  Mom is chasing the little streaker, Mady is running for the RV, and Trevor is slightly embarrassed, while Steph is laughing her ass off.

Look at the look of disappointment and fear in her face.

My last photo is of Trevor who retreated back to his perch, which was safely away from anyone that his son could have peed on.  We had a great time with our friends and I did make a deal with Erin that I would not post any photos of herself to protect her.  True to my word and this story I held my end of the deal.

Trevor back in the saddle, enforcing his command of  the boys from his throne.

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