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Hunting Coues Bucks in Sonora, Mexico

If you have never read Jack O’Conner, the father of the .270 Winchester, famed hunter, and one of the best outdoor writers of the 20th Century.  Then I highly suggest you buy a few of his books and read them.  I think every hunter should… Continue Reading “Hunting Coues Bucks in Sonora, Mexico”

Patagonia Asadore BBQ and Fly Fishing

I have just returned from fly fishing in Argentina, and decided to share a few photos and some Asadore BBQ cooking with my ole buddy Claudio, who is a master at the art of camp cooking.  The fly fishing was  a little early in… Continue Reading “Patagonia Asadore BBQ and Fly Fishing”

Dove Hunting in Cordoba, Argentina

When we first arrived in the Cordoba airport, the first thing I noticed is how hot it was.  It was like Africa hot.  Our outfitter picked us up in a truck that did not have air-conditioning and the three of us Reed, Dave and… Continue Reading “Dove Hunting in Cordoba, Argentina”

Return to the Patagonia River Ranch with the Boys

My wife often says that when I go on a vacation that I always try to repeat the same trip in my pursuit of the same experience I originally had, and that more often than not it never ends up being as good as the… Continue Reading “Return to the Patagonia River Ranch with the Boys”

Empanadas the Argentinian Way

I read about them like they were little morsels that only the elders spoke of in small pockets of South American communities in California.  They always spoke of them like they were magical but when I questioned them about making them or the recipes they… Continue Reading “Empanadas the Argentinian Way”

Fly Fishing in Patagonia, Argentina

We left Buenos Aires New Years day and took a hopper to Neuquin, Argentina.  Due to the volcanic ash we could not fly into San Martin de los Andes.  We could either take a bus, or a van, or rent a car.  We chose… Continue Reading “Fly Fishing in Patagonia, Argentina”

Four days in Buenos Aires 2012

This year, my wife and I decided to go to Patagonia to fish some of the worlds best Trout waters. She chose Patagonia River Ranch as our destination, and I felt it was her turn because of the horrible experience we had in Alaska a… Continue Reading “Four days in Buenos Aires 2012”