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The hunt of a life time….Big Horn Sheep in Oregon

I have been putting in for this once in a life tag for over 30 years.  My best friend and I always joked that if one of us drew it, the other was going to be his Sherpa.  When I checked on line I… Continue Reading “The hunt of a life time….Big Horn Sheep in Oregon”

Halibut Fishing off the Oregon Coast

I have never been a man of the ocean, never really liked the high seas.  Most likely because I do not like throwing up, feeling horrible, and big ass sharks in the water.  Grover on the other hand, loves the ocean and finds peace… Continue Reading “Halibut Fishing off the Oregon Coast”

In Search of the Trophy Speed Goat

Antelope Hunting in Wyoming

I have put in for Antelope tags for 14 years in Oregon and still to this date have never been successful.  It has been on not only my bucket list, as well as my long time best friend Scott Brown as well.  Every year we kid… Continue Reading “Antelope Hunting in Wyoming”

Bow Hunting in Oregon’s high desert

The Father Grover and his son Scott

There are not too many people crazy enough to pursuit elk with a bow in the high desert of Oregon. Why do you ask is it crazy?  Well to put it simply there is nothing to hide behind, and what you do have for… Continue Reading “Bow Hunting in Oregon’s high desert”