The Perfect Steak

The quest for the perfect steak.  I have cooked steak in just about every scenerio out there.  My oldest daughter Megan refuses to order steaks at the finest steakhouses in the world (I say this because she ordered one on our trip to Europe once) and is always disappointed in the outcome because she believes her daddy makes the best steaks in the world.  If I accomplish nothing in my life, I always have that to fall back on.  That being said, sometimes just a simple steak needs a little love, a little spike in it to make it different.  This is one of those recipes I can honestly say, was a homerun.  It is not a steak I would make regularly but definetly one that had a different flare to it that was off the charts in flavor.  It all starts with a perfect cut, 2 inch ribye.

2" cut with marbeling, prime cut Ribeye

That there is one beautiful cut piece of meat, great marbeling, great color.  I now season that bad boy with a little sea salt, and some quality pepper.  Apply this liberally and on both sides.  Do not be affraid to really use the salt, because it will burn off with the heat of the coals later.  Set aside and let it soak in the flavor and come up in temperature.  While the steak is breathing.  Get out some your favorite goat cheese. Usually 4 0z. is plenty for two nice ribeyes, possibly three if you dont smother them.  Mix the goat cheese, with a tablespoon of olive oil, chopped parsley, chopped tyme.  Salt and pepper to taste.  Set aside.  Now you need to make the Mustard lemon honey vinegarette. 1/4 cup of clover honey, tablespoon of dijon mustard, one lemon squezzed in, tablespoon of grain mustard, mix.

Herbed Goat cheese on left,  mustard, honey lemon vinegarette on right

Cut two lemons in half like so.

Meyer lemons cut in half

Then, you want to take your 8 month old daughter and let her lick one of the lemons to see what face she makes.

Lemon licker

While all the hoopla is going on, you should have started the charcoal and when they are nice and hot, get your steak ready by adding olive oil to keep it from sticking to the grill.  Grab your lemons and head out to the que.

A beautiful sight

Put the lemons down and the ribeye on direct heat.  When cooking a ribeye over the grill, dont be affraid of a little flame.  Sears the meat, brings good color.  That being said do not get ridiculous and burn the thing either.  Just keep an eye on it and dont be drinking beer and telling hunting stories with your buddies.  Mistakes are always made around the bbq when drinking and bull shit are involved.  Usually about 4-5 minutes on each side. The steak should be about 135 degrees before taking it off the grill.  This is important folks, gently put some aluminum foil over it and let it sit for 5 minutes.  Before you do this however, put the goat cheese mixture on top.

Perfectly grilled at Med. Rare

Okay, then after you remove the steak and plate it, then drizzle the vinegarette over the steak and serve with grilled lemon.  You can squeeze the lemon juice from the grilled lemon if you like or take a little bite.  I apologize for the photo of the finished product. I cut it family style to give you a look of the inside of the meat.  Bon apetite my fellow steak lovers.

This is off the hook y'all

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