When my baby wants a steak…SHE GETS A STEAK!

My poor daughter Megan believes that she cannot go to a restaurant and get a steak that is comparable to what her good ole daddy makes her.  We have tried Morton’s, El Gaucho, and The Prime in Vegas to name a few and she always comes back with….”They cannot even come close to yours dad”.

Megan 12 years old with her Daddy at Mortons...she isnt smiling

This was Megan about five years ago at Morton’s after they served her up a steak that was not up to par.  She was very unhappy. So this weekend, Megan said she wanted a steak and a twice baked potatoes for dinner.  That is all she had to say to her pops and bam we were out of the house heading to the butcher like a fat kid….like a fat kid……like a fat kid heading to the butcher!!!

First, I need to get the other daughter out of her bird outfit

We selected the bone in Ribeye steak, how can you go wrong with marble fat?  I like to cut the fat off the bone and make it into a cowboy cut. 

I like to cut off all excess fat when BBQing…keeps the fire at a minimum.

I use sea salt and quality good pepper and let them sit at room temperature.  I then select a tater and have my official tater tester smell the tater for quality.

Excuse me....dont bite it your suppose to smell it!
My wife is in charge of the twice baked potatoes. She uses bacon, not the cruddy stuff either.  The good stuff!
Then she takes the inside of a baked potato, chopped bacon, chopped garlic carmelized in the bacon grease, Tillamook vintage white cheese, butter and sour cream.
Then she mixes it up and stuffs them
She adds some cheese on top and tosses them in the oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees.
twice baked potatoes going into the hot box
While my steaks are awaiting the grill.  I decide to try an infused butter that sort of has a pesto spin off.  I take basil, fresh garlic cloves, parmesan cheese, olive oil, blue cheese, salt and pepper, and some red pepper flakes.  I leave out the key ingredient to pesto for a reason, the pine nuts.  I mix it and then add butter.
Then I take wax paper and put my butter mixture inside the paper and put in freezer for 15 minutes.
Pesto Blue Cheese Butter
I had a little pesto left over so I rolled flour and thought why not, might be a little over whelming in the same flavor but I wanted to test it out for future references.
A little pesto contraption
My steaks look like they are coming to room temperature and my grill is hot and ready.
The Cowboys are ready for the grill!
As my steaks are becoming a masterpiece I take the special butter out of the freezer and make a cut.
Pesto Blue Cheese Butter
Now when the steaks are at medium rare I pull them off the grill and let them sit for 8 minutes and put the special butter on the meat to allow it to melt.
Is your mouth watering yet?
I take the pesto bread rolls out, I did take olive oil and brush the top of them to give them good color.
Oh LordyMy daughter is patiently awaiting her steak and stuffed tater. I am always a bit nervous because of what is at steak...get it "at steak". I kill myself.Plated and ready to serve
Drum roll please……
My baby gets a STEAK!! She is a very happy daughter!!
She offers me a bite, and we take a photo of the perfect color for a ribeye steak.  It is perfect.
The perfect color
I finished off the night in bed trying to fall asleep and a little giggle came out and a smile thinking that my baby Meg knows a good steak when she eats one.  She sure is gonna miss dad’s cooking when she is at college eating Top Ramen next year. I know this, when she wants to eat good she is gonna have to come home to see her dad to get one.  I guess that is why we have such a great relationship….and I know I will always be able to bait her home.
Love you Honey.
Hunting Chef

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