2012 Valentines Dinner-This is why my wife lets me go hunting

For all of you outdoorsmen out there, pay attention to what I am going to tell you.  The reason my wife allows me to do the things I do, is not because of how handsome I am, or my “Mr. Wonderful” personality, nor my Greek God washboard stomach.  I know this is hard to believe, but truth be known it is because I won her heart via her stomach.  I could take her to dinner out on Valentines, but that would not come from the Hunting Chef’s heart now would it?  This is my Valentines dinner, I hope you learn something and you try it next year.

First thing you do, is make the table. Do it right, do not use paper napkins and dirty forks either.

I was going to do her favorite Chilean Sea Bass, it is also the couple joining us for dinner favorite, Todd and Karen Saunders.  However, my favorite place did not have any fresh so I opted out and went with her second favorite tenderloin steak.

First thing I did is wash and clean the asparagus, put olive oil and sea salt and dash of pepper.  I have my lemons on stand by ready for the last step of the process.  I prepare my bbq and get the coals hot on my Green Egg.  This will be my first step of prepping, my last step in the process of cooking.

Asparagus awaiting the grill.

Now, I am going to make my Gorgonzola Shrimp pasta as a side.  The recipe is on the blog, check it out.  I took my steaks out about 30 minutes ago to bring to a room temperature.  I have Todd season them, he uses sea salt, garlic salt and pepper.

We take golden and green broccoli/cauliflower mix.  Todd seasons them with olive oil, a little butter and salt and pepper.  I put the steaks on and bring them to a medium rare.  He cooks the vegetables in high heat in the cast iron.

It is also called Fiesta Flower, cooks on high heat in the Cast Iron

I take the steaks off at 135 degrees and let sit for 5 minutes as I throw the asparagus on.  This will take about the same 5 minutes. I  turn them after they get a little char to them.  I remove them and plate them, the last thing you want to do is squeeze lemon on them. The shrimp get cooked that same five minutes and the noodles get dropped.  Its plate time folks.

Valentines dinner is plated. Todd really wanted to use his creative side of his brain and did the steak art work.
Then you cork a 1983 French wine, yes that is correct a 29-year-old bottle of wine.

This is what two happy Valentines look like right before you ask them to go Steelhead fishing.

Happy Valentines 2012

That there is how you do it Gentlemen.  A happy wife is a “let you hunt and fish” wife.  Pay attention to the details boys.

Thank you honey for being a wonderful understanding wife.  I hope to make you 100 more Valentines dinner.  Love you Baby.


That is how you do it boys!

Hunting Chef

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