Steelhead fishing on the Umpqua River in Oregon

There are a lot of good rivers in Oregon to pursue the illusive, powerful steelhead on.  However, the waters of the Umpqua river are one of the best Oregon has to offer.  I am a true believer that pound for pound a the wild steelhead is the most powerful fish on the planet.  This annual trip that Grover and Scott Brown put together is always a highlight for Winter Steelhead.

The first thing you need to remember is to book your hotel early so you do not have to share a room at the Motel 6 with your buddy. Notice the barrier in between the pillows? It is taller than the Berlin Wall.

After virtually no sleep at night because Scott talks in his sleep we hit the waters looking for big Steelies.  Grover is the first to hook up followed by Scott.  I swear the two of them were putting on a fishing clinic.  Usually it is my luck that has me boating fish, but this day belonged to the Brown Boys.

Grover with the first fish boated.

Scott hooked into a few more

Look at this Chromer! The fish is not really that big, Scott just has a really small head.

Finally hooked into one, and he took my line and hammered down river with fire in his belly.

Landed a beauty! Nice Oregon Wild Steelhead, released to spawn again.

Nothing like a little white water to navigate

Nothing too bad on the main Umpqua. But I would not take any chances, you could be in trouble quick.

Our day stats were 22 steelhead boated, not a bad day.  Grover and I only lost a few on early take downs but our statistics were above average for not losing fish.  Grover’s shoulders were sore for carrying the weight.  For whatever reason, the fish stayed away from my line.  I guess that is just the way it is sometimes.  I think Scott boated 9 that day, so for a year he will carry the burden of being the February annual champ.

Stoic Grover and his bright steelhead

See you next year fellas.  I am coming back for my championship run next year.

Hunting Chef

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