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Pan Fried Razor Clams

The first recipe that you need to know, is how to cook a razor clam the old school way.  There are several ways to do it, from deep-frying to bbq.  However, I am going to teach you the old school way and I guarantee… Continue Reading “Pan Fried Razor Clams”

How to clean a Razor Clam

I get asked this a lot, and just like everyone else I had to learn it to pass it on to my friends, family and now you if you are reading this.  I am going to show you the exact way I learned from… Continue Reading “How to clean a Razor Clam”

The Basics of Clamming

Clamming to me is a one of the best times you could ever spend with family.  I told my friend Grover this weekend that my life is basically “one big Easter egg hunt”.  He sort of looked at me funny and I elaborated on… Continue Reading “The Basics of Clamming”

Cucumber cups with Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese

I was supposed to go to some friends house this evening for a Christmas party.  As I cooked appetizers during the day I began to get very tired.  I took a nap for two hours, and as I woke I knew I was coming… Continue Reading “Cucumber cups with Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese”

Shrimp and Gorgonzola Cream Sauce Pasta

I was down in Cabo San Lucas Mexico a few weeks ago and I had this dish at one of my favorite restaurants in all of the world for Sushi.  If you want the worlds best sushi go to Nik Sans in Cabo, it will blow your… Continue Reading “Shrimp and Gorgonzola Cream Sauce Pasta”

How to Can Fish in a Pressure Cooker

Here is the step by step instructions for canning salmon or tuna.  I do both and trust me once you can your own tuna, you will never again eat regular tuna in the can at the grocery store. Each step is very important, so… Continue Reading “How to Can Fish in a Pressure Cooker”

Smoked Salmon and Canned

My father loves smoked salmon.  He also loves spending the winters with my mom in Arizona.  So every year I smoke him a batch of Salmon for his yearly trip South.  I decided this year I would can it for him instead of freezing… Continue Reading “Smoked Salmon and Canned”