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Return to the Hood Canal for Spotted Shrimp

One of my favorite times of the year is the late Spring up at the Hood Canal.  We have some friends up there that have been generous enough to be patient with us Oregonians and teach us about shrimping.  When Trevor and I think… Continue Reading “Return to the Hood Canal for Spotted Shrimp”

Springer Salmon Miso-Glazed with Sesame

Springer Salmon season came and went fast.  We had high water with the heavy rains, then the sun came out to basically give us two weeks of good fishing.  Those two weeks produced some good fish and great smiles. I hate fishing the Willamette.… Continue Reading “Springer Salmon Miso-Glazed with Sesame”

BBQ Oysters with Garlic, Shallots, Bacon, and Pepperjack Cheese

This is my second post of my 45th birthday celebration.  The group had moved down to the fire pit while I was putting together some bbq oysters, they had just finished off four huge fresh Dungeness crabs. So the boys were getting prime rib… Continue Reading “BBQ Oysters with Garlic, Shallots, Bacon, and Pepperjack Cheese”

Steamed Clams with Chorizo, White Wine, and Tomatoes

I just recently celebrated my 45th birthday.  For those of you that do not know me, on my birthday I like to give back and celebrate by cooking for a group of friends some where special.  This year, as it was last year, we… Continue Reading “Steamed Clams with Chorizo, White Wine, and Tomatoes”

Dungeness Crab with Black Bean Sauce

Here we go folks…another great recipe from the “Silver Fox” Ken Silva.  He has been after me for two years to make this recipe. Ken is a San Jose, California local.  His grandparents lived in San Jose when farming was the main resource, not… Continue Reading “Dungeness Crab with Black Bean Sauce”

Smoked King Salmon for my Pappy

Sorry folks, I have been too busy this year to blog. Just finished up Salmon, Buck, and Elk season this year. Along with all my other duties and family time I just did not feel like blogging. However, Dad called me on the phone… Continue Reading “Smoked King Salmon for my Pappy”

2013 Grand Oyster BBQ Championship

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the 2013 Grand Oyster BBQ Championship held in Seaside, Oregon.  While fishing for Sturgeon, actually while watching Ben fishing for Sturgeon each contestant was allowed to phone in their ingredients to a hot supply line for the evening Oyster… Continue Reading “2013 Grand Oyster BBQ Championship”

The Hood Canal Shrimping Frenzy

This has been on my bucket list of for me for the past decade ever since I heard about it.  I just did not know very much about shrimping and the area.  So when Trevor called and said he had a friend that could… Continue Reading “The Hood Canal Shrimping Frenzy”

Tuna Tartare with roasted chili oil and hot peppers

I travel to the bay area of California a lot, and one of my favorite dishes that I look forward to is Michael Mina’s Tuna Tartare.  It is amazing, so after having it for my 545th time last week, I watched them prepare it… Continue Reading “Tuna Tartare with roasted chili oil and hot peppers”

Cioppino with EVERYTHING in it

On the way back from a successful steelhead fishing trip on the Umpqua River last week, Grover and I got to talking about food.  That is something we share in common, so for 3.5 hours we talked about the best dishes that we had… Continue Reading “Cioppino with EVERYTHING in it”