What to do with a Bison Ribeye

Marni the Monster

As you already know I had to basically bait Marni the Monster to my house to have her help me with my blog format.  So she agreed to help me, as long as I agreed to cook for her.  I replied “choose your weapon”, she replied “Buffalo”.  I then replied “Thursday at 6pm, and make sure your husband wears a shirt”.  George works out 5 hours a day and likes to show his muscles.  So the journey begins.

3 Rib Bison ribeye

First, you select the perfect cut.  There is not a lot of fat to bison, but what fat there is, you need to make sure you trim it off.  It is usually on the outside and very easy to trim.

I am going to make this into a French cut roast, so what I need to do is trim the bones and it begins like this.

Make another cut about four inches from the end of the bones

At this point you need to cut the meat out from in between the bones, but I am a firm believer of not wasting good meat product. Set the meat aside in a bowl because we will use it later.

Trim up any meat in between the bones

Discard of any fat, and then season your roast with what you prefer.  I use sea salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder,and a hint of Cajun powder.

Seasoned and ready for the fridge

I apologize for the photo, my oldest daughter borrowed ours for Costa Rica.  Now if you’re in a hurry let it sit for 30 minutes, or put it in the fridge for a few hours.  If you do the later make sure to let the meat sit before bbq’ing for about 30 minutes.   I took the left over Bison meat, and I am going to combine it with a pound of veal, and one pound of burger with no fat.

Grind up the meat

I then season it with a little sea salt and pepper.  That is it, and roll it into nice 3/4 wt. balls.

NIce even round meat balls

They are now ready for the burger press.  Notice the little wax papers I have them sitting on. This will save you a major clean up mess.  It will also be handy when freezing them later.

I then put a sheet on top and on bottom to put in my press.  This keeps it nice and clean and allows me to work with the meat with ease.

Wax paper on the top and the bottom, then PRESS

Then you take them out and lay them on one sheet of paper.  I set them on a cookie tray, and I set them in the freezer for 45 minutes to set up for the final process.

Burgers ready for the freezer

Once “Set Up” then I take them to my professional vac pac machine and let the machine do its handy work.

Burgers ready for freezer

These burgers will be the best tasting meat patties you ever had, and the best part is you used the bison meat to boot.  Lets get back to the rib eye.  So now, I have started my trusty Green egg and I brought the temperature up to 500 degrees.  I am going to cook it at 500 degrees for 20 minutes to sear the meat.  Then I am going to drop it to 325 degrees and cook until 135 degrees.

The Meat is ready for the Green Egg

Okay your going to ask me how do I know when the meat is at 135 degrees?  A meat thermometer dude!

Using a Meat probe is the most important thing you need when BBQing

I cannot stress to you enough how important a meat thermo probe is.  The best 40 bucks you will spend.  The novice keeps opening the thing up and cutting into the meat to see.  Total rookie!

Once the temp is 135 degrees I take it off and let it stand for 10 minutes.  Bison meat is going to go from medium rare to medium well very fast.  I would recommend serving it med. rare because it will be medium half way thru the dinner.

Let the meat rest for 10 minutes

Then you slice it, plate it, and watch Marni and George roll their eyes back into their heads.

Oh Lord, does that look good?
I cannot express to you how good it taste
Look at that bite I am about to put in my mouth!!!

That is how you finish off a good night with good friends.  Thank you Marni for helping me with my blog and thank you George for keeping your shirt on and most importantly thank you sous chef Stephanie for helping me in the kitchen.


One Comment on “What to do with a Bison Ribeye

  1. Umm, we could have had burgers for an appetizer…hello? I’m a little sad I didn’t get to have those. The meat was great and I, too, am happy G kept his shirt on. This rarely happens. Thank you for posting the pic of Steph photobombing…she’s insane.

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