Jason’s Hood Canal BBQ Shrimp Cocktail

As you all already know, I love the Hood Canal.  I love it not only for its grand beauty and great people, but the product the area produces with the best oysters, crab, and shrimp I have ever had.  The water is so clear, that it is one of the hot spots for diving in the Northwest.  It is also deep where the spotted shrimp like to live.  The beach line is full of Kumamoto Oysters that the Japanese planted over 100 years ago.  They are the best oysters that I have ever eaten and I can honestly say as an Oyster lover I have ate over 1000 of them….easily.   I think I ate 200 of them in Nashville in a week early this year.

Fresh oysters lining the beach.
Fresh oysters lining the beach.

The beaches are privately owned, and the owners protect their bounty.  However, we have a friend Jason that is family have about 100 yards of oyster beach land and his family was nice enough to let us come grab a load.  They had no idea what kind of Pirates we were.

Pirates filling up a cooler of Oyster bounty
Pirates filling up a cooler of Oyster bounty.  That is Trevor and Big Wayne.  Big Wayne is watching Trevor like a hawk, because he likes to grab the oysters that have 12 attached to a rock.  We like them individual and easy to open.

Jason has been raving about this appetizer he does for awhile now, and after getting our limits on Shrimp that morning he came in bouncing in with some oysters under his arm and a bag of fresh peeled shrimp and some lemons in the other.

Spotted Shrimp
Spotted Shrimp are pretty good size.

We always get our shrimp limit, which is 80 per person.  But I am always eager to try something new that involves fresh shrimp.

Jason’s Hood Canal BBQ Shrimp Cocktail

  • 1/2 TBS of butter
  • 1 TSP of finely chopped garlic
  • 1 Good squeeze of fresh lemon
  • 1 TSP of chopped parsley

So you take a fresh oyster, shuck it, then shoot the oyster.  Leave a little of that fresh water from the sea in the shell.  Only if it is fresh though.  Jason is very particular about that part.  Add the butter, garlic, shrimp to the shell and put on the BBQ.  We are using the Summer Tide Resort and Marina BBQ because we are staying there and it has a three bedroom suite, with full kitchen, BBQ and deck.  We love the owner Bev, she is so nice to us and loves us like we were her own sons.  I love the resort, small but nice and the fire pit gathers all of the people for the evening for cocktails and conversation.  (www.summertideresort.com).

Once the shrimp are cooked, about 5 minutes, give a little squeeze of lemon on top and dash of parsley.

Dash of chopped parsley and squeeze of lemon.
Dash of chopped parsley and squeeze of lemon.
Grab a fork and start eating.
Grab a fork and start eating.  We didn’t have parsley so we used chopped green onions instead.

Jason was so proud and we truly all enjoyed his dish, otherwise it wouldn’t have made it to the Hunting Chef.

Jason with his appetizer.  We shaded out his eyes with a  false shadow because he is wanted in 9 states.
Jason with his appetizer. We shaded out his eyes with a false shadow because he is wanted in 9 states.

A very simple dish, but very tasty with lots of simple straight from the ocean flavors.  The little oyster juice left in the oyster was key.  Very nicely done my friend.

Are you hungry yet?
Are you hungry yet?

I cannot wait to return to the Hood Canal.  I say that every time I write about it, it is truly a magical place with excellent seafood.

Get out there and live.

The Hunting Chef


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