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Halibut Fishing off the Oregon Coast

I have never been a man of the ocean, never really liked the high seas.  Most likely because I do not like throwing up, feeling horrible, and big ass sharks in the water.  Grover on the other hand, loves the ocean and finds peace… Continue Reading “Halibut Fishing off the Oregon Coast”

Springer Salmon Fishing in the Columbia River

There is no better tasting salmon in the world better than the Oregon Columbia River Springer Salmon, probably why its 40 bucks a pound right now.  The natural oil content of this fish is so perfect, and the meat so red that it just… Continue Reading “Springer Salmon Fishing in the Columbia River”

Sturgeon Fish Tacos with Green Sauce

One of my favorite things my family loves to eat is our famous fish tacos, and our favorite fish to eat in those tacos is the beloved Sturgeon.  It is, for the lack of another terminology, the Bomb!  So when my sister called and… Continue Reading “Sturgeon Fish Tacos with Green Sauce”

Steelhead fishing on the Umpqua River in Oregon

There are a lot of good rivers in Oregon to pursue the illusive, powerful steelhead on.  However, the waters of the Umpqua river are one of the best Oregon has to offer.  I am a true believer that pound for pound a the wild… Continue Reading “Steelhead fishing on the Umpqua River in Oregon”

Return to the Patagonia River Ranch with the Boys

My wife often says that when I go on a vacation that I always try to repeat the same trip in my pursuit of the same experience I originally had, and that more often than not it never ends up being as good as the… Continue Reading “Return to the Patagonia River Ranch with the Boys”

Fly Fishing in Patagonia, Argentina

We left Buenos Aires New Years day and took a hopper to Neuquin, Argentina.  Due to the volcanic ash we could not fly into San Martin de los Andes.  We could either take a bus, or a van, or rent a car.  We chose… Continue Reading “Fly Fishing in Patagonia, Argentina”

Going after a 200 year old Lake Trout in Canada

This story took place in 2007 but I found the photos and decided I needed to share my experience.  This is Carl and I in fishing in Kulane Lake, which is a 2 hour float plane ride from Whitehorse, BC, Canada.  Carl moved to… Continue Reading “Going after a 200 year old Lake Trout in Canada”