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Sundried Tomato Pesto with Andouille Sausauge, Mushrooms, and Prawns

After our recent successful spotted shrimp season we had last weekend, I thought what can I do with these prawns/shrimp?  I had left over Andouille sausage from my oyster competition.  I had a nice jar of sun-dried tomato pesto in the pantry.  No problem, I got…

Springer Salmon Miso-Glazed with Sesame

Springer Salmon season came and went fast.  We had high water with the heavy rains, then the sun came out to basically give us two weeks of good fishing.  Those two weeks produced some good fish and great smiles. I hate fishing the Willamette….

Pretzel Rolls stuffed with Cheese, Jalapeno, and bacon.

My friend Jason sent this recipe to me for the Super Bowl via Facebook, my wife saw it and said I had to make them or sleep on the couch.  Thank you Jason, I really do not appreciate the art of baking.  I also…