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Dove Hunting in Cordoba, Argentina

When we first arrived in the Cordoba airport, the first thing I noticed is how hot it was.  It was like Africa hot.  Our outfitter picked us up in a truck that did not have air-conditioning and the three of us Reed, Dave and… Continue Reading “Dove Hunting in Cordoba, Argentina”

When my baby wants a steak…SHE GETS A STEAK!

My poor daughter Megan believes that she cannot go to a restaurant and get a steak that is comparable to what her good ole daddy makes her.  We have tried Morton’s, El Gaucho, and The Prime in Vegas to name a few and she always… Continue Reading “When my baby wants a steak…SHE GETS A STEAK!”

Deviled Eggs

I have a friend, aka Egg Man.  I do not have a photo of him because he is wanted in 13 states and re-runs of America’s most wanted are still airing.  The egg man provides me with farm raised eggs of the finest qualities… Continue Reading “Deviled Eggs”

High Desert Elk Hunting-Shaniko, Oregon

About 20 years ago there were no elk in Central Oregon, also considered high desert country.  They migrated off of Mt. Hood once they figured out looking from the mountain to the East that there were nice bushy green spots and clear water lakes. … Continue Reading “High Desert Elk Hunting-Shaniko, Oregon”

Big Wayne and his Famous Water Bathed Brisket

This is my buddy Wayne. Wayne is about 6’5″ and two inches shorter than Todd.  Wayne is tall and big, he is very sensitive.  Here is Big Wayne feeding the wild life pototoe salad.  This little doe will probably not make the cute little… Continue Reading “Big Wayne and his Famous Water Bathed Brisket”

My Youngest Daughter Madelyn

CatasTrophy Wife

I have to thank CatasTrophy Wife for her inspiration and help in organizing my blog.  She is pretty much the coolest person I’ve ever met…besides my beautiful wife, Steph.  Her blog is hilarious.  You should all check it out and subscribe!! The CatasTrophy Wife:She made… Continue Reading “CatasTrophy Wife”

The Quest for the Morel Mushroom

I get asked quite frequently what my obsession with Morel Mushrooms in the Spring.  People often scratch their heads in their futile attempt to understand why I pursuit them, or why I even eat them.  Until I make them one on a cast iron… Continue Reading “The Quest for the Morel Mushroom”