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BBQ Brisket Part 3

We have made the infamous brisket several times, each time I said I would never make it again.  I guess I am a man who believes that if you have to put bbq sauce on a grilled piece of meat then you did something… Continue Reading “BBQ Brisket Part 3”

The Tri-Tip (North) vs. The Texas Brisket (South) Debate

I have been reading about this debate for years, and have participated in my share of blog arguments.  I have tried to make Brisket myself, and really did not make one or had one made for me that really was all that good.  So… Continue Reading “The Tri-Tip (North) vs. The Texas Brisket (South) Debate”

Big Wayne and his Famous Water Bathed Brisket

This is my buddy Wayne. Wayne is about 6’5″ and two inches shorter than Todd.  Wayne is tall and big, he is very sensitive.  Here is Big Wayne feeding the wild life pototoe salad.  This little doe will probably not make the cute little… Continue Reading “Big Wayne and his Famous Water Bathed Brisket”