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Letter about the Hunting Chef

This is Megan Nanna, the Hunting Chef’s oldest daughter. I thought I would spice up his blog a bit, and also give his readers some more insight about my dad. This is in hopes that you will find him even more interesting, and follow… Continue Reading “Letter about the Hunting Chef”


Fresh Hand Cut Pasta

If I  had a son,   I would say “Son, if you are going to get the hot girls, you need to know how to make fresh pasta”.  I do not have a son, I have two daughters that LOVE PASTA.  They are spread… Continue Reading “Fresh Hand Cut Pasta”

Pretzel Rolls stuffed with Cheese, Jalapeno, and bacon.

My friend Jason sent this recipe to me for the Super Bowl via Facebook, my wife saw it and said I had to make them or sleep on the couch.  Thank you Jason, I really do not appreciate the art of baking.  I also… Continue Reading “Pretzel Rolls stuffed with Cheese, Jalapeno, and bacon.”

The Perfect Egg Sandwich

Yes, I did get this one out of the same Bon Appetite magazine.  I was in Africa for a two weeks, and I really had to tell my wife I loved her and appreciated her letting me go to Tanzania on a Cape Buff… Continue Reading “The Perfect Egg Sandwich”