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Wild Mushroom Stuffed Quail with Truffle Sauce

When quail season begins, I get a little giddy about it.  Something about these fat, little luscious birds that are not only fun to hunt, but they are great to eat.  There are several species of quail, but they all taste great on the… Continue Reading “Wild Mushroom Stuffed Quail with Truffle Sauce”

Wild Mushroom Chicken Pesto Pizza

I felt like making a gourmet pizza Saturday morning when I awoke.  Perhaps I dreamed of eating pizza all night, perhaps I had to come up with a recipe that my family would enjoy eating wild mushrooms that I found in the mountains of… Continue Reading “Wild Mushroom Chicken Pesto Pizza”

Mushroom Hunting in Oregon-Precious on the line again

The people who know me well in my life know that I am probably the most competitive person in the world.  I have been told I am a Jack Russel Terrier, never back down to a fight, even when I am know the odds… Continue Reading “Mushroom Hunting in Oregon-Precious on the line again”

What to do with a KING BOLETE

I have been wanting to cook one of these bad boys for a long time.  While I was out morel hunting and practicing my skills being the King of Morels and owner of “Precious”, I happened upon a King Bolete.  I was so excited… Continue Reading “What to do with a KING BOLETE”

The Morel Mushroom Ring (Precious) gets passed on to new King

The beginning of the Morel season has begun.  My old buddy Trevor Storlie and I have been pounding away over the years, competing in ever sense of the way, on who can collect the most morel mushrooms in a single weekend. If you read this… Continue Reading “The Morel Mushroom Ring (Precious) gets passed on to new King”

Wild Mushroom Risotto with Pesto Scallops

I said I was going to post it and true to my word, I finally got around to it.   This one goes great with the “Springer Salmon Cedar Plank” recipe.  I decided for the blog that I would do it as a main course. … Continue Reading “Wild Mushroom Risotto with Pesto Scallops”

Martinis and Meatloaf

When I was growing up, I hated meatloaf.  Just the thought of it made me run the other direction.  When I am at a really nice restaurant I usually cruise over the menu and say “Bring me what your famous for”.  I believe it is… Continue Reading “Martinis and Meatloaf”

Smoked Pheasant Four Cheese Morel Lasagna

It amazes me how some people cannot figure out what to do with their pheasant meat.  It is like they are afraid of it.  It is true that pheasant meat will cook fast, and too cooked it will become hard and rubbery.  However, that is not… Continue Reading “Smoked Pheasant Four Cheese Morel Lasagna”

Elk Lasagna-The Classic

Sometimes you just have to have a classic dish that you can go too in your recipe collection in a flash.  Something that is fast, but darn good and definitely a step above what everyone else makes.  So my people of the hunting chef… Continue Reading “Elk Lasagna-The Classic”

Morel Mushroom, Dijon, Rosemary Lamb Chops

Okay sports fans here is the deal.  Lamb chops are the bomb.  I have made them for parties, and catered dinners and they are always the big hit of the party.  I always serve them first too when everyone is still sober so the… Continue Reading “Morel Mushroom, Dijon, Rosemary Lamb Chops”