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Chucker Stuffed Poppers

Every year we take a little trip to Eastern Oregon to do some bird hunting at Highland Hills. A fantastic Orvis Endorsed hunting lodge that has spectacular upland game hunting, a beautiful lodge and stunning scenery that makes us come back every year. When… Continue Reading “Chucker Stuffed Poppers”

Lemon Chucker Picatta with Capers and Artichokes

I recently was on a hunting trip with clients and friends at Highland Hills Lodge in Condon, Oregon.  I was pleasantly surprised on how much I liked this ranch.  First off, the lodge itself is like a 5 star hotel, along with 5 star… Continue Reading “Lemon Chucker Picatta with Capers and Artichokes”

Seared Duck Breast with a Cherry Port Sauce

One of the first things I look for on a menu at a great restaurant is Duck Breast. I absolutely love it if it is cooked to perfection (medium rare with a crisp crust).  I think you can eat it without sauce, because it… Continue Reading “Seared Duck Breast with a Cherry Port Sauce”

Homemade Pheasant and Cheese Ravioli with Tomato Basil Cream Sauce

I am going to be the first to tell you that you can substitute chicken for pheasant with this dish.  You can also use chucker, and or quail.  The tomato basil sauce comes from a little Italian joint in South Shore Lake Tahoe called… Continue Reading “Homemade Pheasant and Cheese Ravioli with Tomato Basil Cream Sauce”

Bison ribeye with Guinness Beer and Dijon Marinade and fresh pasta alla Carbonara

I love St. Paddy’s day…I love Corn Beef (actually Corn Elk Beef is far better) but I love the mood.  This week it is on Monday so I thought I would do a little Pre funk St. Paddy’s day celebration.  My wife ran the… Continue Reading “Bison ribeye with Guinness Beer and Dijon Marinade and fresh pasta alla Carbonara”

Pheasant Appetizer for Tanner

I have not blogged about Tanner, because quite frankly I tear up to much to see the computer.  She passed away last fall, she was 17 years old and amazingly she died in her sleep which she probably did in efforts to keep me… Continue Reading “Pheasant Appetizer for Tanner”

Pheasant Enchiladas

One of my favorite things to do with my frozen pheasants is throw them in the crock pot add a half of onion, some garlic, salt, and pepper and slow cook them for 8 hours.  Then I take the meat and shred it while… Continue Reading “Pheasant Enchiladas”

Wild Mushroom Stuffed Quail with Truffle Sauce

When quail season begins, I get a little giddy about it.  Something about these fat, little luscious birds that are not only fun to hunt, but they are great to eat.  There are several species of quail, but they all taste great on the… Continue Reading “Wild Mushroom Stuffed Quail with Truffle Sauce”

Smoked Pheasant Four Cheese Morel Lasagna

It amazes me how some people cannot figure out what to do with their pheasant meat.  It is like they are afraid of it.  It is true that pheasant meat will cook fast, and too cooked it will become hard and rubbery.  However, that is not… Continue Reading “Smoked Pheasant Four Cheese Morel Lasagna”

Seared and Seasoned Duck Breast

Duck is one of my favorite dishes to order at a restaurant, probably because I shy away from cooking it most of the time.  Waterfowl season is in full swing and most hunters I know in Oregon save the meat to put in pepperoni,… Continue Reading “Seared and Seasoned Duck Breast”