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Baby Back Ribs For My Dad

Beef Brisket…???? I do not get it

What is the story with Beef Brisket?  Every BBQ place has it on their menu. All the Pit Masters have to make it in competitions and still HAS ANYONE EVER HAD GOOD BEEF BRISKET?  Every time I try it I think to my self… Continue Reading “Beef Brisket…???? I do not get it”

Chili Rellenos with Pheasant

I often get asked what to do with Pheasant.  Most people bbq them, I find that to be a little boring and dry to say the least.  Pheasant, unlike chicken, does not have any fat on it so it dries out very easily.  Once… Continue Reading “Chili Rellenos with Pheasant”

My Youngest Daughter Madelyn

Columbia Crest Shoot- Bone in Pork Chops Blue Cheese wine reduction with Morel’s

We did this shoot for a Bon Apetite Contest about a year ago.  I thought it my go well on my blog and I was looking for a chance to practice with video uploads.  I think the bone in Pork Chop in a cast… Continue Reading “Columbia Crest Shoot- Bone in Pork Chops Blue Cheese wine reduction with Morel’s”

What to do with a Bison Ribeye

As you already know I had to basically bait Marni the Monster to my house to have her help me with my blog format.  So she agreed to help me, as long as I agreed to cook for her.  I replied “choose your weapon”,… Continue Reading “What to do with a Bison Ribeye”

The Quest for the Morel Mushroom

I get asked quite frequently what my obsession with Morel Mushrooms in the Spring.  People often scratch their heads in their futile attempt to understand why I pursuit them, or why I even eat them.  Until I make them one on a cast iron… Continue Reading “The Quest for the Morel Mushroom”

The Big Green Egg is a BAD ASS piece of Equipment

I recently added to my bbq arsenal the Big Green Egg after I read an article about it.  I have a few friends that have them and swear by them.  One family being the Huevos Ranchero people…The Hesters.  So my buddy Dave and I… Continue Reading “The Big Green Egg is a BAD ASS piece of Equipment”

Cooking with a Dutch Oven

The Dutch Oven has been apart of our cooking history before the beginning of the United States.  It is cast iron and heavy and fairly simple to use.  I think it is a great piece of equipment in the field while hunting or camping. … Continue Reading “Cooking with a Dutch Oven”

The Perfect Steak

The quest for the perfect steak.  I have cooked steak in just about every scenerio out there.  My oldest daughter Megan refuses to order steaks at the finest steakhouses in the world (I say this because she ordered one on our trip to Europe… Continue Reading “The Perfect Steak”