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Ladies and Gentlemen…I give you the AusPit BBQ

I purchased the Auspit BBQ about four months ago, but have delayed using it until my vacation which was last week.  What is an Auspit you ask?  Basically it is a pit roaster, that a company in Australia produces and it can take 40… Continue Reading “Ladies and Gentlemen…I give you the AusPit BBQ”

Morel Mushroom, Dijon, Rosemary Lamb Chops

Okay sports fans here is the deal.  Lamb chops are the bomb.  I have made them for parties, and catered dinners and they are always the big hit of the party.  I always serve them first too when everyone is still sober so the… Continue Reading “Morel Mushroom, Dijon, Rosemary Lamb Chops”

Big Wayne and his Famous Water Bathed Brisket

This is my buddy Wayne. Wayne is about 6’5″ and two inches shorter than Todd.  Wayne is tall and big, he is very sensitive.  Here is Big Wayne feeding the wild life pototoe salad.  This little doe will probably not make the cute little… Continue Reading “Big Wayne and his Famous Water Bathed Brisket”

3 Rednecks and the familes and a whole lot of eating…….

Once a year, two other couples and us get together for rafting, eating, and little bit of drinking.  This year we had to change the plan because of our kids, so we ventured over to Todd and Alice’s place by Billy Chinook Lake.  We… Continue Reading “3 Rednecks and the familes and a whole lot of eating…….”

Baby Back Ribs For My Dad

Beef Brisket…???? I do not get it

What is the story with Beef Brisket?  Every BBQ place has it on their menu. All the Pit Masters have to make it in competitions and still HAS ANYONE EVER HAD GOOD BEEF BRISKET?  Every time I try it I think to my self… Continue Reading “Beef Brisket…???? I do not get it”

What to do with a Bison Ribeye

As you already know I had to basically bait Marni the Monster to my house to have her help me with my blog format.  So she agreed to help me, as long as I agreed to cook for her.  I replied “choose your weapon”,… Continue Reading “What to do with a Bison Ribeye”

The Big Green Egg is a BAD ASS piece of Equipment

I recently added to my bbq arsenal the Big Green Egg after I read an article about it.  I have a few friends that have them and swear by them.  One family being the Huevos Ranchero people…The Hesters.  So my buddy Dave and I… Continue Reading “The Big Green Egg is a BAD ASS piece of Equipment”