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Smoked Chicken and Baby Back Ribs for Fathers Day

I asked my father what he wanted for father’s day he said the same thing he said last year.  I want your smoked chicken and your baby back ribs!  I put the video on, a year ago on how to do the ribs.  This… Continue Reading “Smoked Chicken and Baby Back Ribs for Fathers Day”

Wild Mushroom Stuffed Quail with Truffle Sauce

When quail season begins, I get a little giddy about it.  Something about these fat, little luscious birds that are not only fun to hunt, but they are great to eat.  There are several species of quail, but they all taste great on the… Continue Reading “Wild Mushroom Stuffed Quail with Truffle Sauce”

The Tri-Tip (North) vs. The Texas Brisket (South) Debate

I have been reading about this debate for years, and have participated in my share of blog arguments.  I have tried to make Brisket myself, and really did not make one or had one made for me that really was all that good.  So… Continue Reading “The Tri-Tip (North) vs. The Texas Brisket (South) Debate”

Grilled Bananas with Maple Creme Fraiche and Mixed Berries

I was watching the Food Network channel with my youngest daughter (she was watching Elmo on the I Pad) and they had a special All Star BBQ show on and my ole buddy Bobby Flay did this dish and I thought to myself.  I… Continue Reading “Grilled Bananas with Maple Creme Fraiche and Mixed Berries”

Greek Lamb Gyro Burgers

My favorite time of year in Oregon is Spring.  The mountains stop snowing, the flowers start blooming, the Morel’s start popping, turkeys begin gobbling, and the lambs start to hit the butcher.  I have a friend aka “Egg Man” where I get my fresh… Continue Reading “Greek Lamb Gyro Burgers”

Cedar Planked Springer Salmon in the Green Egg

My buddy gave me this recipe about three years ago and I must say, it is a great way to cook salmon.  Especially fresh Spring King Salmon from the Columbia River in Oregon.  I made it the next day after a client caught a… Continue Reading “Cedar Planked Springer Salmon in the Green Egg”

Shaniko Smoked Elk Burgers

  We had a group of hunters visit us for some good ole fashion pheasant and chucker hunting and of course I had to make a big lunch for 12 dudes.  So I thought about doing smoked elk burgers and one of my friends has… Continue Reading “Shaniko Smoked Elk Burgers”

Cast Iron Beef Tenderloin wrapped in Bacon

The Thanksgiving holiday we spent with some family friends at the beach, they made a traditional fantastic turkey dinner with all the trimmings.  Turkey makes me tired, not like just a little sleepy.  It is like some one hit me with a Rhino tranquilizer… Continue Reading “Cast Iron Beef Tenderloin wrapped in Bacon”

Smoked Baby Back Ribs For My Dad

When my baby wants a steak…SHE GETS A STEAK!

My poor daughter Megan believes that she cannot go to a restaurant and get a steak that is comparable to what her good ole daddy makes her.  We have tried Morton’s, El Gaucho, and The Prime in Vegas to name a few and she always… Continue Reading “When my baby wants a steak…SHE GETS A STEAK!”