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Seared and Seasoned Duck Breast

Duck is one of my favorite dishes to order at a restaurant, probably because I shy away from cooking it most of the time.  Waterfowl season is in full swing and most hunters I know in Oregon save the meat to put in pepperoni,… Continue Reading “Seared and Seasoned Duck Breast”

Burnt Tomato, Goat Cheese, and Anchovy Bruschetta

One of my favorite cook books of all times is called Seven Fires by Francis Mallmann.  I bought it because we will be spending some time down in Patagonia this year on two separate trips and I am excited about the food!  Look at me,… Continue Reading “Burnt Tomato, Goat Cheese, and Anchovy Bruschetta”

How to Can Fish in a Pressure Cooker

Here is the step by step instructions for canning salmon or tuna.  I do both and trust me once you can your own tuna, you will never again eat regular tuna in the can at the grocery store. Each step is very important, so… Continue Reading “How to Can Fish in a Pressure Cooker”

Elk Lasagna-The Classic

Sometimes you just have to have a classic dish that you can go too in your recipe collection in a flash.  Something that is fast, but darn good and definitely a step above what everyone else makes.  So my people of the hunting chef… Continue Reading “Elk Lasagna-The Classic”

When my baby wants a steak…SHE GETS A STEAK!

My poor daughter Megan believes that she cannot go to a restaurant and get a steak that is comparable to what her good ole daddy makes her.  We have tried Morton’s, El Gaucho, and The Prime in Vegas to name a few and she always… Continue Reading “When my baby wants a steak…SHE GETS A STEAK!”

Deviled Eggs

I have a friend, aka Egg Man.  I do not have a photo of him because he is wanted in 13 states and re-runs of America’s most wanted are still airing.  The egg man provides me with farm raised eggs of the finest qualities… Continue Reading “Deviled Eggs”

Chili Rellenos with Pheasant

I often get asked what to do with Pheasant.  Most people bbq them, I find that to be a little boring and dry to say the least.  Pheasant, unlike chicken, does not have any fat on it so it dries out very easily.  Once… Continue Reading “Chili Rellenos with Pheasant”

Columbia Crest Shoot- Bone in Pork Chops Blue Cheese wine reduction with Morel’s

We did this shoot for a Bon Apetite Contest about a year ago.  I thought it my go well on my blog and I was looking for a chance to practice with video uploads.  I think the bone in Pork Chop in a cast… Continue Reading “Columbia Crest Shoot- Bone in Pork Chops Blue Cheese wine reduction with Morel’s”

The Perfect Steak

The quest for the perfect steak.  I have cooked steak in just about every scenerio out there.  My oldest daughter Megan refuses to order steaks at the finest steakhouses in the world (I say this because she ordered one on our trip to Europe… Continue Reading “The Perfect Steak”