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Hunting the Oregon Chanterelle Mushroom

I am sorry I have been away, and unable to blog as of late.  I went on a diet and workout regiment.  Yes, the Hunting Chef has to watch his waist band from time to time just to keep in hunting shape.  This blog… Continue Reading “Hunting the Oregon Chanterelle Mushroom”

How to throw a party….Hunting Chef Style

There are a few recipes I will not blog about.  The first being my World Renown Wings.  I have worked on this recipe for years and it has been tested in numerous throw downs and has never failed.  I would normally share the recipe,… Continue Reading “How to throw a party….Hunting Chef Style”

Leg of Lamb on the Traeger Smoker Grill

One of my most favorite things is to prepare meat dishes that people say they would never eat or try to have them devour their entire plate not knowing what they ate.  Perhaps that is the “Bad Side” of me, but I see it… Continue Reading “Leg of Lamb on the Traeger Smoker Grill”

Prime Rib on the Traeger Smoker Grill

I apologize for my lack of blogging.  However, with my travel schedule and the holidays I have been just too busy to keep up.  I had a few phone calls the past few weeks on how to do a few different kinds of roast… Continue Reading “Prime Rib on the Traeger Smoker Grill”

Brined Pork Chops with Hard Cider Sauce and Trumpet Garlic Mushrooms

I love a great pork chop, when they are done perfectly.  I like my pork chops thick, not 1/2 thick slabs that Grandma used to fry until they were 190 degrees and hard as a rubber tire.  You could hardly swallow those old day… Continue Reading “Brined Pork Chops with Hard Cider Sauce and Trumpet Garlic Mushrooms”

Elk Stew for Eric

I get a lot of request via email or phone calls asking if I have a recipe for this or for that.  Eric contacted me for a recipe on Elk Stew and I said I would do it the next day.  Stew can be… Continue Reading “Elk Stew for Eric”

Pheasant Enchiladas

One of my favorite things to do with my frozen pheasants is throw them in the crock pot add a half of onion, some garlic, salt, and pepper and slow cook them for 8 hours.  Then I take the meat and shred it while… Continue Reading “Pheasant Enchiladas”

Stuffed Pork Chops

I am sorry it has been so long folks since my last blog.  I have been away from the computer for more than a month with my hectic fishing and hunting schedule. I apologize but should have some good stuff of my past adventures… Continue Reading “Stuffed Pork Chops”

Camping with the Storlies

Every once in a while I get an opportunity to just blast a couple of my friends.  I know I have been hard on some people in my past blogs, and it was selfish of me to use them as an asset to find humor.  So… Continue Reading “Camping with the Storlies”

Beer Battered Coconut Shrimp

I had this craving for shrimp today and my wife Stephanie is not that fond of shrimp so I had to prove myself that I could make shrimp that she would like.  I have hundreds of cook books, and I got this little one… Continue Reading “Beer Battered Coconut Shrimp”